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Sílvia Rodríguez Mallafré

CEO and founder of Silvia R. Mallafré SL, Co-founder of Barcelhome SL.

My name is Sílvia Rodríguez Mallafré, I was born in Barcelona in 1967 and I suppose that the fact that I was born in a city so imbued with visual beauty was decisive for me so, in 1995, I graduated in interior design at Elisava, Escola Universitatria de Disseny i Enginyeria in Barcelona. .

My desire to work to achieve the well-being of people has led me to complete a postgraduate degree in bio-architecture from the UPF, Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, course 2016-2017.

“I like to create spaces where people feel comfortable”.

Since my student years until today, my professional career has been linked to different architec-ture and interior design firms, such as Naia Arquitectura and J. Monclús, with which I have col-laborated as a freelancer. During these years, I have also worked for private clients such as Tecni-Plasper or the Caldea Thermal Center, in Andorra. It was in 2011 that I decided to embark on a new path by creating my own company.

Those who know me define me as enthusiastic, hardworking, tenacious, creative and accessible, captitudes that I use to achieve maximum performance and involvement in projects and works. I am curious, flexible, versatile and restless supporting the development and knowledge of new technologies and the search for new challenges and opportunities. Transparent, frank and in love with my work, bringing illusion and charisma to both clients and collaborators and that is why "Enjoy the Change" is my letmotiv, my reason for being.

My professional career has evolved over time, always looking for the latest trends and improve-ments, without forgetting that the good spaces are those that are at the service of people.

“A good design is not only aesthetic, but also, and above all, ethics and responsibility”
  • 1994 finalist of the Arq-Infad Awards for Students, Ha-Bitacola 1994.
  • 1995 Erasmus Scholarship at the University of Art and Desño UIAH in Helsinki, Finland.
  • 1995 Bachelor of arts with Honours" Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton.

Laura Martínez Serrà

My name is Laura Martínez Serrà, born in Barcelona in 1995 and grouth at the foot of Montseny where my enthusiasm for nature and animals comes from. My other hobby, interior design, comes from my childhood, when I saw my father repair or do any maintenance at home.

Initially with doubts between architecture and interior design, I started at ESDAP Llotja de Barcelona to study what has become my passion, both allowing me to improve people's homes and contribute with my grain of sand to their daily lives, and assuming the challenges raised in each project.

I began to acquire my experience when I was still in my studies, working in an interior design office in Barcelona, which has allowed me to take on early challenges, now I still maintain the energy and illusion of the first day, which allows me to evolve and continue learning.

"I like to assume each project as if it were unique, and my persistence, dedication and creativity allow me to dedicate myself to my work with all my energy, bringing to each project the smallest detail."

Rosa Bassols Pascual

Architect and fouding partner at Irabé Projectes SL and cofounder at Barcelhome SL

My name is Rosa Bassols Pascual, born in Barcelona in 1958. Since I was a child, I wanted to dedicate fully to this absorbing, creative and complicated profession. So now I have 36 years of experience as a senior architect. I am a Project manager with a PMI approved title for the complete management of the project and work./p>

I am a dynamic, practical, skilled, efficient person with a feminine sensibility, which adds value to my technical knowledge as an architect. With an instinct for improvement and perseverance, qualities that favor the search for innovative solutions and improve the resolution of projects and works.

Resolute and strict at work, I solve setbacks with agility and professionalism, creating an environment of trust with customers.
  • Work selected for the prize Puig i Cadafalch. 1993. Rehabilitation of the old fish market "The Fish" for Mataró Restaurant. Listed historic building. 1990.
  • Winning project HPO block of 20 dwellings and 20 parking spaces in Pallejà, for IMPSOL. 1998.
  • Project winner in competition for the sports center of Argentona. 1999.
  • Finalist in the competition for space sports in Vacarisses .2000.
  • Finalist in the competition for the town hall in Sant Llorenç d’Hortons .2009.
  • Finalist in the competition for building College of Attorneys in Barcelona .2015.
  • Maxi San Miguel
    The experience with Sílvia and her team has been very good! Professional and friendly treatment at the same time. Quick consultation with a proposed solution as soon as a problem appeared. I liked the weekly report with a video in which you could see the work done. Compliance with the planned calendar.
    Maxi San Miguel
  • Enric Miralles
    The hiring of Sílvia and her team for the reform of our new premises was, without any doubt, a success. A windstorm arrived, throwing down our initial idea and proposing an alternative distribution of space that left us in shock. The execution and the pace of work were perfect, shortening the initial deadlines. Impressive to see 8 technicians, from different trades, working at the same time in the same space and perfectly coordinated. Communication and exchange of ideas is easy and fluid. The confidence that it gives you facilitates the exposition of doubts and opinions. Always positive in the face of setbacks. I would highlight the security and trust it conveys. The coordination and the rhythm of vertigo of the works. Perhaps the suppliers would have to be reviewed: I found better paper catalogs for the walls missing. From the catalog that we were given to make the choice, we could not serve the one we chose. Finally, we accept the only alternative that was offered to us. The curtain supplier also disappointed us a bit as his recommendation did not fit our specific needs.
    Enric Miralles
  • Joaquim Garcia Rojo
    The hiring of Sílvia R. Mallafré's team has been a very good experience, professional at work and very friendly to the treatment. Easy communication and much willingness to solve problems. Spectacular results. I would highlight the seriousness and careful monitoring of the project, the tight margins and the immediate solutions to the small problems that arose, very agile. It can always be improved although in our case we believe it has been unbeatable.
    Joaquim Garcia Rojo
    Best-Home – VaporGran
  • Lluís Blanchart
    The experience with Sílvia R. Mallafré has been PERFECT! Good planning, Good execution, Good communication, Good follow-up, Great incident resolution capacity. And all without ever losing joy. I would highlight creativity and positive obsession with details.
    Lluís Blanchart
    Cottet audio
  • Bibiana Farré
    The experience with Sílvia and her team has been very good. Sílvia is practical, clear fast and very decisive. It has taken us out of many doubts. And it has helped us a lot. Now we have clear distribution, colors, materials, furniture ... ... that we will use in the reform of the two bathrooms. We have hired an online advice service for the first time and for us it has been, perfect !!!
    Bibiana Farré
  • Farmàcia Vila i Vilà
    My experience of having worked with Sílvia and her team has been very rewarding and positive, since we had a complicated challenge because of the short time we had and it went perfectly, they met all the deadlines as agreed and in the end a perfect work came out. I would highlight the seriousness and professionalism with which Sílvia works, since it controls in detail all the professionals that it carries in the work, which is very important since it allows you to not control the work daily and be calm because you know that she has everything controlled . I would recommend them 100%.
    Farmàcia Vila i Vilà
  • Maria Fanès
    With Sílvia and her team we have made two major reforms to our home. The first one was of all the interiors of the house, and as a result of the satisfaction of the first we decided to make a second reform on the exterior gardens of the house. In both cases the satisfaction of the project that Sílvia has done for us is frankly exceptional. Creativity and innovation in the proposals for interior and exterior design, proximity and accompaniment in the final decision process on the design, on the materials to choose and professionalism in the process of execution of the work managing first hand all industrial, adjusting to the indicated budget, as well as the commitment to the delivery dates of the project have been, well above the expected. Without any doubt, we recommend your services to our friends, and we will hire you again if we consider new changes home.
    Maria Fanès
  • Josep Suplà i Núria Tornabell
    We define the experience as spectacularrrrr, really, if we had not heard it, we would not really have the floor we have today. The month I value of Sílvia is the ease in which it makes you see and communicates the ideas it has. It does not impose anything on you but then you see the reason that for something she is dedicated to doing this job. In our case we wanted a house (flat), practical and to our liking, and I can very well ensure that we have it. He had the photos on his website. If the idea you have goes out of the budget she gets alternatives for you to have, she gets very involved. Another thing to note about Sílvia, is the spectacular character it has. Always when you do works there are discussions and even bad faces, and it is impressive how he dominates these situations between the client and the other professionals (painter, mason, ...) I mean, I love meeting you, you are the “number one”

We design spaces, events and ideas with a sustainable attitude and enjoying every moment!

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